Regular Foot Care

It amazes me how many people think that Pedicures are only worth getting when its flip flop weather but that couldn’t be far from the truth. Β Getting a Pedicure every 4-6 weeks is just good foot health! During the winter months our feet can become dry & flakey, cuticles can become dry and nails can become brittle and because we keep our feet bundled up we tend to neglect caring for them.

So coming in to see us for either an Express Pedicure (no polish) or a full Pedicure can help take care of all the above issues. Β We will ensure nails are cut properly and shaped in order to help prevent ingrowns which can be painful when wearing shoes, cuticles are pushed back, nails are buffed then coated with nourishing cuticle oil, we then will file off the dead skin of the bottom of the feet followed by an invigorating foot scrub, a relaxing foot and leg massage will hydrate and relax even the most tired feet (have I got you hooked yet?)

Never mind the fact that you will have great feet think about the 45-60 minutes of YOU time! That to me is money well worth spent!

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