Lavender Soy Lotion 200ml


This is a light fast absorbing lotion that can help to soothe and moisturize the skin from pure soy and lavender. Can be used on the body, hands, feet and as a light daily day cream for the face.

Great for after waxing treatments and great healing for tattoo’s!

Comes in a recyclable packaging.

Made in Canada.

Skin Type & Condition Normal /mildly dry, mild combination, irritated and stressed skin
Benefits * Moisturizes, softens and smooths the skin. * Addresses dry and irritated areas. * Helps to re-balance the skin while offering aromatherapy benefits. * Helps sooth and heals skin concerns such as eczema. * Can be used on acupressure points before bed to help promote a more peaceful sleep and to relax the mind. * Also beneficial to soothe and calm stressed irritated skin areas such as dry patches.
Recommended Use FOR FACE: A light moisturizer which can be used daily for those with normal, mildly dry and mild combination skin types. FOR BODY: A daily moisturizer for the entire body.
Ingredients Key Ingredients: Pure Lavender extract, essential oils, and natural soy.
Product System Lavender Soy Series