Dazzle Dry 3-piece Kit now available!

Dry your Nail Polish in just 5 minutes with DAZZLE DRY!




I heard about Dazzle Dry about a year ago and thought to myself this can’t be true!  Being in the spa industry for 18 years I have never found a product that dries my manicure fast and lasts for up to a week on me.  But after reading many rave reviews about the 3-piece kit, I decided that I must try this out!

First I was drawn to the fact that the product is Vegan, free of DBP, Toluene, Formaldehyde & Camphor.

To start, I applied some Nail Prep (contains Calcium, provitamin B5 & hydrolyzed protein) to a cotton pad then wiped down all my nails, I then followed by an application of the Base Coat (water based base coat with a proprietary rubbery polymer) and let it dry completely for 1-2 minutes.  I then applied 2 coats of  Nail Polish (I used either a SpaRitual or Deborah Lippmann  polish colour) followed by a final coating of the Top Coat. I then timed the 5 minutes and sure enough they were dry enough to continue on! AMAZING!  I have continued to always have my nails polished and have been amazed at all the times I run out the door without ever smudging my nails, especially since I paint them 5 minutes before leaving ~ I have even painted them before bed and haven’t woken up with them smudged or dull!  My nails have never been healthier and I chalk it up to the all the healthy ingredients that Dazzle Dry has in it!  I love the product so much that I decided that it was time to put it on our shelves! Pick yours up today and I hope you love it as much as I do! ~ Laura

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    This sounds like a dream!!! I don’t see the 3 piece set.
    Thanks for sharing.

      Hi Val, the 3 piece set as been discontinued. The mini kit with 5 pieces is the replacement. Please let us know if any other questions!

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