Botox Pop-Up is coming to Fruition!


We are super excited to have Dr. Heidi Rootes from Surface Skin Lab coming in to help you achieve your best skin with Botox!

Why botox?
There is no exact age when a person should consider starting to use Botox; the best gauge is when you start to notice lines from muscle movement start to stick around, or makeup beginning to settle in those lines. For most people this is in their mid/late 20’s or early 30’s but any age it can be done on!

Saturday, November 30th from 10-2pm

$10 per unit

How to book:
To book your appointment contact Surface Skin Lab at 604-673-5733 or or call us at 604-904-8808 or pop in as we have a sign up sheet

Bonus: Ask about claiming under extended medical plans!



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