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Featured Spa Treatments


At Fruition Skin Therapy, we are excited to introduce another medical grade device! A Jet Peel Facial is a non-invasive (YOU DON’T ACTUALLY PEEL) procedure that’s often used to combat signs of aging, dry skin, acne & more! It uses jet streams of pressurized air and liquids to cleanse and exfoliate your skin. The procedure also delivers serums into the deep layers of your skin called the dermis. Suitable for all skin types.

Laser Genesis

Treatment of wrinkles, pores, redness, acne, skin texture & scars.

Laser Genesis delivers gentle laser energy to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and redness, to diminish the signs of aging for beautiful, brilliant skin with no downtime!

Microexfoliation Treatment

A highly controlled and precise service that is adapted to your exact skin needs and comfort. Unlike more invasive procedures, this quick application not only delivers marked results but is suitable for most skin types and tones. With no down time, microexfoliation applications are a great option for those with a busy lifestyle and schedule. Treat yourself to beautiful, luminous skin!


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For a limited time only, purchase a $100 Spa Gift Certificate and receive a $20 Bonus!